• Hi There!

    I would like to share to you some suggestions on this lovely and ever-growing tool known as Windy.
    Im wondering if it might be possible for you to Tag and add Labels onto currently developing tropical storms, hurricanes and the like. May be, storm names, wind velocity, category, area, estimated trajectory, etc.

    Also, I would like to suggest this. Have you ever evaluated to implement some sort of 3D representation of cloud cover (I mean, when in 3D mode, may be with colors depicting freezing points, altitud temperature, cloud height, cloud tops, etc) ???

    Hope my suggestions were useful.

    Love Windy! Keep Growing!
    My best regards

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Moderator

    windy make a visualization of free available data (besides ecmwf) , mostly forecast data, so if you deliver a free source for such data they can think about it.

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