Wind accumulation let you track the hurricanes

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    In order to track hurricanes and other Windy events, we have created this new 'Wind accumulation' layer. It represents an accumulation of maximum wind gust in the next 10 days. Our backend god Tomas @TZ can maybe correct me on this, since he was able to program it in just a few hours, after I came with the idea.


    So enjoy and STAY SAFE


    Blog post with more detailed info:

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    Looks like the "warning cone" ... pretty good !

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    Thanks a lot for trying to provide some type of hurricane tracking and prediction, I think this will be very appreciated by a lot of users.

  • There appears to be some sort of glitch in the data at certain zoom levels, or there have been some very weird weather patterns in the atlantic...,2018-09-22-12,39.825,-63.765,5,p:off


    Also, it would be good to be able to select the duration for this the same as you can for the rain accumulation layer.

  • Another bug: it doesn't use the current position in the timeline as the starting point for the 10 days - instead it uses the left edge of the timeline, which for me right now is 20 hours ago. Therefore, it includes winds that have occurred in the past.

    E.g. right now as Typhoon Manghkut is making landfall in the Philippines and heading west, it is predicting100mph winds 400 miles to the east of there.

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    Personally I don’t consider that as a bug. The aim of this Wind accumulation layer is to show the track of a violent storm. As it is usually done with hurricane track prediction, the past track is shown at the same time as the future track. So here you see the past maximum gusts distribution and the future maximum gusts distribution, which form a track of strong wind.

  • If you include the past data, there is no way to discern what has already happened from what is to come, particularly if the storm track loops.

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    It is easy to discern the past track: this is just the track before the current position of the tropical cyclone. As example the Typhoon TRAMI threatening Japanese islands:


  • @idefix37 You miss my point - if the storm is travelling in a straight(ish) line its not a problem. But what if the storm is forecast to do a U turn in the next 24 hours. My point isn't that you can't see where the track is, bu that you wouldn't be able to tell if the stongest gust in the area it traverses twice is a gust from the past, or a gust from the future. This may lead people in that area to think the future wind was stronger than it is actually forecast to be.

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    This post is deleted!
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    It's a really good feature, and a very nice imrovement of Windy!

    And from now it's much easier to locate tropical storms with the 'Active hurricanes' feature. We can locate easily the wanted one by clicking on its name, and it jumps into it. In addition we can see here the category types and the punctual positions of each Hurricane.

    Here we can see the "Active hurricanes" option in the Menu:


    In this example picture we can see the Trami Thyphoon and its properties:


    Thank you very much guys, for your persistent hard work! This website is amazingly beautiful with a lot of features, plus it saves lives... So it has all the features that an excellent weather page needs to have.

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    Windy has got a brand new nice feature for hurricane tracking -> PREVIOUS TRACK signs on the map with the corresponding datas, so now we are able to see the previous track of the hurricanes and also the current position and data of that.


    It's really nice in my opinion! Thank you very much guys for your steady and hard work!

    But I have a question for that:
    For what are those 10 hPa parameters standing for? All the storms contain the same 10 hPa. Before this update, there were the correct actual pressure (hPa) for each storms, as we can see on the picture of my previous comment.
    Can anybody explain it to me?

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    Must be a bug.
    I think it is central pressure, but accidentally is rounded to hundreds!
    It shows 10 (if central pressure is 1000+) or 9 (if central press. is 900~999 hPa).

  • This post is deleted!
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