Default color scale missing a decimal point for accumulated rainfall

  • The top colour band for accumulated rainfall defaults to 312 inches - I think this is supposed to be 31.2 inches. It certainly looks more informative if you look at North Carolina right now with this changed.

  • Moderator

    I'm not sure what you are referring to when you wrote color scale. If you mean the scale at the lower right corner, then my scale tops out at 3 ft.
    0_1537046494616_Rain Accumulation Scale.jpg

    Would you be more specific? Are you using a browser or app? Which app or which browser? Are you referring to a different scale than in my pic?

  • Click Settings => Modify Layers Colours => Select Overlay = Rainfall Accumulation.

    The value in the bottom row is 312 and I think it is supposed to be 31.2 as 312 just makes all rainfall over 19" the same shade of pink.

  • Moderator

    Ahh, found it. I was using an app initially but realize what you were saying once I launched my browser. Yes, it seems to be a mistake but you can change the number to 31.2 by adding a period to the number right there as just did. I agree that the default value is not correct.

    Admins, take note!

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