• This might not be a bug, but rather a technical limitation of the processed radar information.

    I've recently noticed excess clutter around radar stations in the Northeast United States.
    (I know clutter is expected and that it can be ignored - quite easily, but I've noticed more than normal lately.)
    The normal amount that I see resembles the clutter in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and West Virginia in the attached picture (Captured 15 Sep 2018).
    I'm assuming that this is not due to a weather related phenomena, because if it is, then the other radar stations that overlap for continuity would show the excess clutter as well.
    So, it appears that only specific radar stations in the New York/Canada area are affected/producing this excess clutter and that it is not due to weather.
    NEXRAD on the Wonderground site has the option to Hide Clutter via a mathematical algorithm and it appears to work well.

    If this is a computational error by Windy, could it please be resolved?
    Or, if it's not an error and this type of thing is expected to happen to only a small selection of radar stations, then is it possible to add a feature to Windy to enable the hiding this clutter?
    Possibly in a similar manner as the NEXRAD system?
    Or, maybe the ability to select individual radar stations of interest and block others (if only one is known to cause trouble).
    Or, another way is a feature that allows the user to pass (as in; high/low pass filter) a certain range of dBz levels on the radar map. This would be handy as the map does show 0 to 20 dBz in purple-blue-blue green, when light rain usually only starts at/above 20 dBz. Only showing >20dBz would hide the unwanted clutter.

    Thank you.

    0_1537032515986_big clutter.png

  • Moderator

    @nwindy That is probably some kind of interference from the individual radar stations. This kind of thing cant realy be avoided.

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