Weather Channel Reporter Caught In FAKE Hurricane Florence Segment

  • Moderator

    Check out the video of Mike Seidel of the Weather Channel as he struggles to keep his balance during a faked Hurricane Florence segment. He clearly is struggling to keep his balance in the "fierce" wind until we see 2 guys in the background casually walking by not affected by the supposed fierce wind at all. Note in the upper left corner of the screen that the wind was only 29 MPH. A Weather Channel statement said he was tired and on slippery grass. Of course pavement was only a foot or two away from him. It is incredible that Mike Seidel and the Weather Channel faked this segment given all the actual severe weather in the area.

    Shame on Mike Seidel and the Weather Channel.

    Take some time and enjoy all the spoofs that have been posted already on YouTube.

  • Sailor Moderator

    Everyone has appreciated the performance of this great movie actor ! :-)

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