• Hi there, how can i use L.control in windity api? I need to add scale to the map, how to do it?

  • Developers Sailor

    have you looked at the documentation samples:

    once you have a reference to map, you can use it as documented in leaflet documentation.

  • Do you have any working examples? I'm not getting any errors, but the control is not drawing. Would love to see a use case with Windy for reference as I created a sandbox barebones leaflet map with no problems adding control.

  • @silvestrejose I think I found the issue you're having, if its the same as mine. My code was all correct, my layers were constructed, everything was fine. I went and built a barebones Leaflet map and added layer control with no issue, so I couldn't figure it out. Eventually I cleared all my code and started fresh and when inspecting I noticed my control div greyed out, sure enough it had a display: none; rule in Windy's CSS which isn't documented anywhere. I didn't even think about this and feel kind of silly for it.

    #windy #map_container .leaflet-control-container {
    display: none;

    So you'll just have to override this rule and all will be well in the world. :)

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