• Over and over and over go through temperature to change to Fahrenheit, mmHg, inches, etc. it will not save the settings. Attempt to again, save, restart, keeps wanting to display that European mess. :) any ideas? I have so very nice weather station apps but thought I’d play with this and is promising but come please change the settings. Will accept my location for default, give me the forecast also but it would give me U.S. settings after repeated attempts. Bad fruit? Buy another apple? Thanks in advance!

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    @justliknoah Are you doing anything to be blocking the necessary cookies used to save the settings? Like Blocking all cookies on your browser or using an ad-blocker?

  • I too am having same issue.. I change it to show temp in F° but it reverts/stays on C°.
    The menu shows F but under advanced or more it shows C. Change to F and still shows C.

  • Hi there, I've been testing it over and over again and it just works for me. C to F and vice versa.

    @justliknoah and @DigiGirlFL please also check this list of layers for which you need to change & save preferred units in the desktop version (then they will sync with your app) :


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