• Hey, where have you been for the last few years. I just found you by word of mouth, I have been using weather bug however you have way more info to help make the decision to fly or not to fly so much easier.

  • I 100% agree. I found this site by accident.
    My new fixed wing requires some extra planning before each mission.
    This site has been my go to in order to plan all my long range flights.
    Most of the time its bang on. However there have been a couple instances where my weather station on site claims a much lower wind velocity.
    Using a hot-wire and wind-vane I found my wind speed to be up to 5 km lower than windy.com states. But out of roughly 100 flights since finding this site, id say only 5% of those had a different speed than given on here.
    Still, its my go to first thing in the morning so I can plan all my flights for the day accordingly.

  • As well, being able to lay windy.coms wind speed and vectors over top of Mission Planner, would be an amazing and invaluable tool.

    Not sure if anyone else on here uses mission planner to create their flight missions, but the fine folks running the ardupilot software would probably be willing to pay a fee to have this feature - i know i would!
    Im flying a $10,000.00 fixed wing, drone. I want to be 100% positive of my wind speed and direction before I take off. As well, when creating my mission I want to know my precise cross wind.

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