Lightning data and color

    1. Does lightning data differentiate between cloud to cloud and cloud to ground ?
    2. Can lightning use different color to differentiate c-c and c-g in brighter color, i.e. Yellow and red.

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    @jclin2000 Hi, unfortunately c-c and c-g lightning strikes can not be differentiate. Data contains both. Absolute number of lighnting strikes is not useful for the forecast. From our experience this number can be useful to determine light/moderate/heavy thunderstorm intensity, but nothing more. In my opinion the best thing about this data is prediction of thunderstorm location which seems to be pretty accurate.

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    So nice, I was thinking of the implementation of lightning data along with radar map... And the day after it was operational.

    As usual the result is incredibly nice. What you've done with the depiction of lightning strikes is awesome and I think this layer the best graphic result on the app!

    The cc and cg lightning differenciation would definitely be a nice feature for "advanced users" as intracloud or cc lightnings happen generally in mature or decaying thunderstorms. I think some website provide this info but I'm not sure that it's free though. But it's a small detail for most people here I think.

    Congrats guys !!!
    (A320 pilot, climber and sailor here, and BIG FAN of this app)

  • @gabou971 Hello, you are correct, this app has come a long way and is now really nice and functional. The addition of lightning is awesome and I like the combination of lightning and radar as it animates. However, just wondering if you could do 2 things to enhance the lightning...1.) have option to display the lightning by itself and 2.) On a static lightning map have the lightning strikes change colors with time. Strikes of 1 minute or less (flashing white), 1 minute - 10 minutes (white), 10 - 20 min old (yellow), 20 - 30 min old (aqua), 30 - 40 min old (green), 40 - 50 min old (red), 50 - 60 min old (magenta), 60 - 70 min old (gray). By changing the colors with time, a person can see the movement of the lightning & storm cell without even animating. Thanks for listening and keep up the good work!

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