New layers: Hurricanes / Fronts / Satellite

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    This app is the best so far! The last lightning depiction feature is awesome.
    I think it only needs 3 more features to be perfect !

    1. cold and warm fronts depiction.

    2. Satellite maps ("natural color" and IR or enhanced IR)

    3. Hurricane tracks layer, with spaghettis models option.
      I know this can be FULLY automated as NHC and other websites provide open data for free in "easily readable" format (for a web develloper).

    Exemple here on this amazing website :

    Graphics there are awesome (can be empty though if there is no active storm) and text advisories are also automated as NHC messages always have the same format. Hurricanes receive their own code with a number so it might be simple to use the data.

    Here is an exemple of the cyclocane website page where you can see:

    -the official NHC track in blue
    -Circles more or less big to show forecasted intensity (cat 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5, depression, storm)
    -some relevant computer models showing the forcasted tracks (associated intensity/forcasted winds are also available in a table on the specific storm page)
    -By clicking on a circle, you get the wind force, the category of hurricane and date and hour)
    -areas of potential cyclone formation (yellow, orange or red) By clicking on it, you get the percentage chance of tropical cyclone formation).

    Cyclocane image

    Very good work, very good app!
    Keep it like this.

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    Good suggestions, if they can be implemented.

    Unfortunately there are already quite a few posts/replies why fronts are not drawn on Windy: front&in=titlesposts

    Also, have you seen this new layer for Windy to help track Hurricanes:

    Hope it helps :)

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    Ah cool I didn't know about the fronts. And yes the wind accumulation layer is well made.


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