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    I can see weather forecast up to 7 days ahead, but some of my friends tell me they can see weather forecast up to 10 days ahead. I have been trying to figure out how to do this and can't seem to find anywhere in settings. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you,

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    Try to change the model source :

    Using the "wind" layer, at the bottom of the page, on the right you can choose between NEMS, ICON, GFS, NAM and ECMWF. Models are becoming more and more accurate but don't rely much on them 15 days in advance! If you use a mobile phone, click on the "wind" menu, then scroll down and you will see the "forecast model" menu.

    GFS in the US model. ECMWF is the european one and more recent. It's known to be more accurate than GFS. These models cover all the world.

    Some other models are even more precise like NAM, working only for the USA and the model ICON or NEMS, running for the european region. You need to zoom in the desired region to be able to choose the more precise model you want (other than GFS or ECMWF). Those models usually cover a shorter period of time for some mathematical and physical reasons (complexity of each model can vary dramatically).

    You will also find a number next to each model (exemple : GFS 22km). This is the resolution of the model. Computer divide the surface of Earth into squares to make all the calculations. The smaller the squares, the more precise the forecast is. In Europe there is a new model called AROME which use 1,3 km squares to run. And it's extremely accurate. I believe it's not free yet so you cannot display it on Windy.

    Last thing, using windy, you can compare all the models on the same page using the compare button. For exemple, click on a point on the map, it will display the forecast on the bottom white band. Once again, you can choose a particular model... and also click on "compare" so you will have all model information displayed on the screen.

    Hope you found some answers to your questions!

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    To have forecast up to 10 days, check in your settings that this box is unticked:


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