Why doesn't "Windy" work on "Google Pixel C"?

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    "Windy" is the most expensive app I've ever bought - and it doesn't work!

    It never worked properly on the tablet "Google Pixel C" (Android 8.1.0). After a deinstallation I tried to download the latest version: now the app is supposedly not compatible (see attachment).

    I am angry and hope for support soon.


    0_1537432060883_2018-09-20 10_18_37-Windy_ wind, waves and hurricanes forecast – Apps bei Google Play.png

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    @regenpfeifer Hi, firstly, Windy available completely for free, no app purchases, nothing. You probably bought the copycat version. You should ask them to return the money.

    Secondly, do you use the recommended OS version? You can download the latest Android version here.

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