Favourites not displaying on map or left-side menu

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    I have recently registered an account on Windy.com (Thanks for the awesome site and service!) in order to be able to save favourites on the map However, I can't actually access my saved favourites. After adding a location (using the star icon), it does not show up in the list of Favourites under the left-side menu, neither does it show when I click on the "Heart" icon in the lower right.

    Tested on both Firefox 60.2.0esr and Chrome 69. Nothing shows up in the error console.



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    It seems that this is the same problem as mentioned in https://community.windy.com/topic/5677/favorite-spot-will-not-save. If I reload the app (Ctrl-R) then the favourites do show up. However, it seems I have to do this each time I add a new Favourite to get it to show up on the map or list.

    (Sorry for the duplicate, difference in UK/US spelling)

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