Settings glitch of "Rain Accumulation"

  • Why does the "Rain Accumulation" show at the bottom of radar, in "mm", despite changing settings & restarting phone and waiting 2 weeks. Hopefully the screenshots are uploading correctly, if not, please advise how to. I'm in the U.S. and use imperial, but metric is a nuisance and although I love the app, it's really a nuisance. I have yet to review, as I'm not a big reviewer, but this app (providing there's a quick fix for this) deserves 10 stars! A little more user friendly when it comes to quick access to future radar, as well as values with color of precipitation would be another good feature.

    Thank you very much for your time,


  • Moderator

    There are some Windy layers which cannot be changed when using an Android or iOS device. Rain Accumulation is one of them. If you would like the list of layers which cannot be changed, it is available at Overview of units used on Windy. If you aren't interested in looking up items like this (as most users would not want to do also), then make any of those changes using the Windy website using a browser. Changes made using a browser save to the cloud and will then be available when using either an Android or iOS app. If you cannot make a change using a browser, then submit a bug report.

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