How to prevent zoom out when clicking on "Forecast for this location"?

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    Steps to reproduce:

    • Zoom in reasonably far
    • Right click on the map and choose "Forecast for this location"
    • Observe that, as well as showing the forecast for the chosen location, the map zooms out very very far

    How can I prevent the zoom out?

    The reason I want this feature is that here in Switzerland the forecast can be very different from one valley to another. I want to use Windy to look at the forecasts in neighbouring valleys. The automatic zoom out means that I lose my place in the map, and have to manually zoom in again to find it, which is annoying.

    Many thanks for this amazing resource!

  • I second this. The frequent zoom-outs for a variety of actions are really really annoying!

  • The frequent zooming out is by far the most annoying feature of Windy. Is there any way to get a setting to turn this off?

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