• Dear developers,

    I understand that the name of the application is implying that, maybe, its data on wind is very accurate and reliable and it is primary info in the application but since "Windy" provides other information as well it would be nice if users could chose what info/infographics would load on startup. At the moment with every startup first thing that loads is wind info.

    Is it just my case or anyone else has this trouble?

  • Sailor Moderator


    On the App (iOS version 16.3.0), when I close the App for instance on the cloud layer, the next time it restarts with Cloud. So just close the App on the layer you prefer.
    On the website Windy.com, you can save the complete URL when your favourite layer is displayed. Save this URL in a bookmark. Next time you will open the same page.

  • @idefix37

    On the app... quite possibly depends on the type of phone & OS version + available phone memory & battery saving settings.

    My Samsung with Android 7 couldn't do this. It could only remember the last opened layer + forecast model for a short while, maybe a few minutes after closing the app. But after a longer time, it would always open on Wind + ECMWF (which is the default settings on Windy)... However, after upgrading the OS to Android 8 Oreo, my phone seems to always remember the last opened layer + forecast model.

    EDIT: After some very long while (didn't get the chance to measure the exact value; let's say just after the night as I am opening the app so often during the day :)), my Android app does open on Wind + ECMWF.

    Forgot to mention that I'm a beta-tester (version 16.12.3 at the moment)... But my friend's regular Android app always opens on Wind + ECMWF by default.

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