Town in Poland - incorrect order of appearance

  • Hi ! I'm living in Poland, exactly in ŁÓDŹ in the center of my country. Łódź is the third longest city in Poland. More than 700000 people live here, and as an agglomeration it is counted on over 1 million people. Unfortunately when I open WINDY, I see Warszawa and a few big cities and in the same time DĄBIE appears in the place where the ŁÓDŹ should appear. The problem is that DĄBIE is a tiny town with just over 2000 people.The truth is that only a small group of people know what DĄBIE is, and everyone knows what ŁÓDŹ is, and therefore I think it is a big mistake that you do not show ŁÓDŹ on your map at the right moment. Hope that after my information ŁÓDŹ will apear together with other larg cities, and DĄBIE will occupy a position it sholud take. Best regards Tomek

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    @tomek53 Hi! In the web version it is already corrected. Mobile application with Lodz label will be released soon.
    In general this may happen due to labeling algorithm. If you encounter similar bug, you can zoom in to see the city.

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    @tomek53 So please test the new web version (and compare it with the mobile app). We created completely new labels. Much more labels are translated to Polish ;-) Any feedback will be appreciated.

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