• Love the new lightning layer. Question about the timing. On the actual http://www.lightningmaps.org website the delay is a few seconds, however, on the Windy website it's sometimes out to 7 or 8 minutes. Is Windy.com restricted with how 'live' it can be with the tracker?

  • There is no delay. We can see that by inserting fake lightning. Windy has no permission to use our real time lightning data, they just grab it from our web service.

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  • @idefix37 There's no official way to get access to the real time data, even not for contributors. Windy is a contributor, but their station is offline since one month. There are several other topics which I don't want to discuss here. We are in contact with Windy, but communication is a bit difficult.

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    @tobiasv @idefix37
    Dear Tobias, you are right that our station is offline, we are investigating why it is so.
    It will be operational soon.
    As regards the data access: We were waiting for the Blitzortung station for a really long time, more than a year.
    When we received one and installed it, we had already developed most of the system to display lightnings. We were disappointed when we found out that we can not use real time data in any way and that only Blitzortung or Lighntingmaps are allowed to use it.
    We were contributors of Blitzortung and felt like we have right to use the data.
    But it seems that Blitzortung data is no real open data as we had expected.
    I admit that it is your business, since you have ads on your page, and under such conditions we are willing to make a deal with you, to buy the data via some API or whatever.
    Yes, we are non-profitable so far, but we also have a budget and can pay you for the data access.
    Many people all around the world want to see real-time lightnings on Windy,
    but if you keep your attitude in a style that there is no chance to get your agreement, we will of course stop using Blitzortung data and must find some other solution. :-(

  • @TZ Thanks for the reply. After we contacted you last month and wanted to discuss several topics with you, this is now the first time we got an suitable answer from you. There are several other issues to consider besides those you've mentioned. We are always open for discussion, new ideas and collaboration.

    Please note that Blitzortung.org is just a non-professional project for entertainment purpose only.

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    @tobiasv Our station 2199 is now up and running. Unfortunately, directly next to us is a new station 2214.

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