• Hi,

    I'd firstly like to point out how great this website is. Really valuable informations, with great graphics, which makes it ideal for pilots/navigators etc!

    I'm wondering - would an app ever be considered, for android/Iphone? Personally, I'd willingly pay a few bucks to get an app version on my phone, possibly with a widget that would allow me to keep a visual in the background...

    Also, a screensaver (PC) / interactive wallpaper (tablets) would be just phenomenal.

    No idea if anything like that is planned, but just thought I'd share. Many thanks for the work on this site!

  • Administrator

    Thx for ideas

  • Love this site the only way I can see to make it better would be to see where the sun is shining right now.

  • Another webcam worth adding:

    The View from LHS - Lawrence Hall of Science
    Lawrence Hall of Science
    Live camera from Lawrence Hall of Science at top of Berkeley Hills. Find a view of the Golden Gate along with current weather readings.

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