Hurricane Michael has come ashore near Panama City, Florida

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    In the last hour, Hurricane Michael has made landfall and as a strong Cat-4 hurricane just short of a Cat-5 with 155 mph (250 kph) winds and gusts to 175 mph (280 kph). It is moving at a fast 14 mph (23 kph). The pressure was just measured at 928 mb, one of the lowest ever to hit a US coast even lower than Hurricane Katrina.

  • @jiminsandiego I was watching Michael on this site and I never saw any sustained wind speeds close to even 100mph. And even gusts were less than 135mph. I am a bit puzzled by the discrepancy between and the media reports.

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    There have been already long discussions on a similar topic here.

    You will find clear and clever explanation, but unfortunately in the midst of many crazy posts. I like the last post of this long list.

    May I add that the ECMWF model winds are calibrated on 10-minutes average when the NHC consider Sustained Winds on 1-minute average. That makes the Sustained Winds 15 % higher than the Mean Winds. Gusts are everywhere based on 3 seconds average.

    I made a screenshot of ECMWF forecast on Monday. The max Mean Wind was 144 kph + 15% that’s 100 mph for 1-min Sustained Winds.


    That was 2 days before Michael landfall and we know that it has intensified much more than all models expected.

  • @idefix37 Thanks man! I will read further on the other thread. But really what you are saying makes sense.

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