• Why on map (wave) appears swell2 indicator instead of wind wave (visible on bottom)?

  • Sailor Moderator

    If you select Waves, you get the Waves map and the picker show direction from which they come (S means South), their significative height and their period at any location you want.
    Waves is the total sea, a mix of wind waves and swells


    If you want only the Wind waves you must select first this layer (see More layers...)

  • @idefix37 what do you say is what i needs, but my app show other pickers...0_1540214572991_Screenshot_20181022-152006.jpg

  • Sailor Moderator

    I see, you get at first the direction arrows of wave types. That’s because you have selected one of your favourites (Porto Ercole): It opens the forecast diagram and give directly the direction arrows.
    To get the same picker as the one I’ve shown, you must click just near your favourite location.


    Don’t worry if it’s not exactly on your favourite location because the wave model has a resolution of 13km.
    Note that close to the sea shore wave models cannot be very accurate. They give the wave conditions offshore.

    (Your website is very nice !)

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