Please show wind speed to 1 decimal space (as it used to be)

  • The title says all. Please show wind speed as 3.2 m/s instead of 3 (likewise for other units) as it used to be. It provides much better info. At least allow to turn this on in options or show the extra decimal digit in the "wind" tab (if not the "basic").

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    wind speed, as a model output data, provided in m/s.
    As we know forecasted data contain many limitations and systematic errors.
    If the model forecasts e.g. wind speed 10m/s for tomorrow,
    I 'll be happy if the next day's observed value will be +- 10%.
    Even in the standard 10 minutes observing period,
    is normal for wind speed to vary some m/s plus or minus.
    I can not see what is the usefulness to have a forecasted wind speed of 10.2 m/s
    as this value will be 100% right only for a few seconds.

  • True, I do not care about 10 vs 10.2 m/s. But at low speeds it can make a difference, especially when considering the overall daily trend at different locations. If the model predicts 2.5 all day in one place it might be too low for some sports while 3.4 in another place means I might have a better chance there. Currently, I get 3 and 3, the information loss is obvious.

    Also, I do not see the downside. Even if it were useless for majority of users, it could be implemented as optional or displayed in the dedicated "wind" tab like I suggested. We could equally argue that predicting wind direction is inaccurate, therefore NE, SW etc indication is sufficient but still we can turn on display in degrees. And it is not consistent to equally round m/s and km/h to integers, the resolution is different.

    Just saying it would be beneficial for some and harmless for others. These past few days I used the mobile app which displayed decimal places while the web app did not and it is really better. After the last app update this option is gone.

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    @hookxs Hmm will see

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    If you use kts instead of m/s
    you'll have ... decimal 5 (as 1 kt=0.5 m/s , 3kt=1.5m/s etc).

    OK, is not a solution but ... reduces (attenuates) the problem

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