SOLVED The forecast changes depending on the zoom(!)

  • Hi guys,

    TL,DR: it will rain, zoom out, no, wait, fresh snow is coming, zoom out, no, rain again.

    please check this series of screenshots:
    (windy in PL locale, "mokry śnieg" = "wet snow", "deszcz" = "rain")

    the distinction between snow and rain is quite important for most winter sports.

  • Hi @thebigmuzzy , thanks for your message with all the screenshots.

    Generally, the more detailed the zoom, the more accurate the data – taking into account that the possible differences in lower-zoom values depend on weather conditions in the given area (values from many more tiles are averaged), not just the given spot (with only 1 tile interpreted). You can also check this comment. Anyway, the picker is not meant to be the most reliable weather indicator on Windy.

    The most accurate weather indicator is the forecast detail for any spot (the detailed chart).

  • imho this is not obvious, as it requires zooming in to the max to get the reliable info. I consider it a bug.

  • Moderator

    There is no need to zoom to a level lesser than the model's resolution.
    e.g. ECMWF has a resolution of 9 km.
    Do not expect reliable changes in locations less than 9 km apart.
    Only interpolated values.

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