3D option disappeared

  • 3D option is no longer available from the menu on firefox or edge on 2 different PC's. This was by far the best view of the Nth and Sth poles.

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    Hi @uniquorn , thanks for your feedback and we are sorry about that.

    We have decided to remove the 3D option as there was very little demand for it (we know this from the statistics preview) & not enough capacity to develop it further. Thank you for understanding.

  • Hi Marie,
    Speaking from someone who was just using the 3D option the day before it was removed, and planned on using it more, I am missing the "only option" out there to view weather patterns, climate warming etc. (as it has for the past 100++ yr.s)...in a unique way as entirely 'global'. I think you are missing the weather balloon by removing such a service based solely on level of use and development when such a view, even so infrequently utilized, will always be significantly needed and appreciated as (an eclipse) that diamond in the ruff. Presently and personally, I was using it to familiarize myself with how global land masses, large, small and fractured, interact with cloud development, water etc. as in a thinner atmosphere etc. (viewing form the North Pole down/outward) while also seeing just how inter-continental 'the world seems to shrink', and crystallize in the in the mind, and view when I 'had one'. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to express my feedback.

  • P.S. - I understand that you mentioned that Windy no longer wishes to 'develop' the 3D option, in that it most likely seemed less likely to have its place in the direction the platform plans to go; but contrarily I, as if I am important here, feel that it 'has' found It's place, maturity and use as it is, or rather was. For me it was (is) perhaps the most significant 'viewing' feature of the whole platform and deserved to be taken (link wise) out of the back drawer of the Menu, where the Help and Feedback's are and place prominently on the top shelf next to Login/Accounts. It seems to me to fully consider It's use and usefulness on an equal base to rest of the platforms features It needed to be readily seen and given as a mutual choice of view; as one has of either e.g. using Google Maps or Google Earth.
    P.P.S. - I hope this decision is not another casualty of the other platforms.
    Thanks for your listening ear...and I hope this is all I have to say on the subject.

  • I must say I'm disappointed by that decision. The 3D option was very well hidden so it isn't surprising it wasn't well used. (edit: and it wasn't available on mobile)

    For properly understanding weather patterns a 3D view is way better than a flat projection that doesn't even let you see the poles. I would have thought it was a better idea to stop work on the flat projection and work on a proper 3D view instead which could then be the only view - obviously when zoomed in close it would be effectively 2D anyway.

    The current 2D projection is pretty horrible if you live in higher or lower latitudes (even for me living in the UK it gets quite confusing looking at low pressure systems passing to my north) or if you want to see arctic weather and so on (in fact it is impossible to use in that case). Windy has massive potential - if it had a working 3D view it would be easily the best and most accessible resource for so much information about our weather. As it is, it's good but has to be used alongside something like Earth Nullschool to see what is actually going on on a global scale.

    Of course I would like to than you all for your hard work in providing this valuable resource for free and you may obviously develop it in whatever direction you like! So thank you very much and I hope you will change your minds later on. After all, the world isn't going to become flat any time soon :)

  • But, we need to view a vertical overview of both pole !!!

  • Hi @marienka, actually I used to use exclusively the 3D option. I used to recommend Windy to friends and show them how to use the 3D option. I think I will use Windy much less from now on.

  • Created an account to post that the main reason I used this site was it's 3D mode. There aren't any others out there that show the wind on a Globe in a realistic setting.

    I'm taking "very little demand for it & no capacity to develop it further" to mean "Other issues we aren't airing publicly" since that's what every organization uses that boilerplate for. Bring back the globe, the world isn't flat.

  • The globe option needs to be brought back seeing how wether patterns and different kinds of gas carbon, sulferdioxid, ozone and dust move around the globe is important. People would use it more if it was shown at the top of everything else

  • @klima235
    That is the key point. Furthermore, who wants to visualise anymore the plane projection where on upper latitudes it is all distorted?

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