3D option disappeared

  • Didn't even realise 3D was available. What a pity.

  • Wow..I'm disappointed too. Windyty 3D was the only app I could find that used to allow me to 'chase' airflow to/from the poles when mixed with the altitude parameter. It was an absolutely amazing feature that you should have promoted over the 2D version. We are not a flat Earth society after all ! ;-) Please think about bring it back and making it easier to find. It was so hidden that most people would not have just found it. Likely the reason it was used so little. It should have been the default.

  • Please bring it back. My first use of Windy was in 3D and like so many others, I found it essential to a global perspective. It was unique and uniquely effective.

  • I think this is a feature that should be reintroduced. As plugins continue to be written and the ways to evolve the data into visualization - 3D is standing in your way from turning really good into great. I cannot think of another WMS browser that decided to punt 3D due to lack of demand. If it was decided on a statistical preview of the site, then I would consider possibly relocating or changing the UI to accommodate it. There are a few things actually if you're gonna go that far... Maybe increase the amount of screen by closing/fading/hiding the right bar and left bar more compact - it's huge! That's a lot of screen real estate even on a tablet which that 3D feature could once again shine... (wink wink)

  • @Marienka its a yes please from me, but understand the software issues, as I have a friend who write code for programs....however if you ever get bored then please :)

  • I have been using Windy for years already and I was just about to request that it would be nice if you added a "google earth" type of a globe view as Mercator projection is awfull near the polar regions. Trying to find a feedback channel I happened to notice the discussion chain about "3D". Only then I learnt that you did have that feature at some point! I never knew about it. So sad. You guys did a really poor job in promoting the feature to the users. IMHO 3D should be the default and Mercator (or any other projection) should be optional.

    Please bring it back.

  • @krnlg said in 3D option disappeared:

    The 3D option was very well hidden so it isn't surprising it wasn't well used

    I'm 100% agree, never knew there was such possibility. Even I was wondering when are you going to launch that feature.
    Hope you might decide to turn back on that decision.

    Best regards

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