Develop Windy Plugin to extend functionality of Windy

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    With Windy Plugins you can develop all the features, you are missing so much on Windy. It is still "developers only" release and we expect your input and feedback now.

    If you know the basics of Javascript you will be mastering Windy Plugins in no time.

    As we were forced to remove ecmwf from API4, Windy Plugins are the only way, how you can combine your data, with professional forecast and User Interface.

    We are fully committed to develop plugins as major Windy's ecosystem, provide support to developers, and propagate most useful plugins to our 3+ millions active user base.

    Inside your plugin you will be able to get raw meteorological data (even from ecmwf model) as long as all will happen in the scope of plugin.

    The roadmap for our plugin ecosystem is:

    - Initial tests

    - Extend Windy API on a basis users requests

    - Create gallery of the most useful plugins

    - Create system so anyone can publish its own forecast/climatological model on Windy

    Check out for all the docs and examples


  • Me podrían traducir la página en castellano

  • @daniel-27174864 said in Develop Windy Plugin to extend functionality of Windy:

    Me podrían traducir la página en castellano

    Very good, one can't do all the things, but everyone can do their own things.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @daniel-27174864 Comunidad ventosa

    Windin Plugins

    Desarrolla Windy Plugin para extender la funcionalidad de Windy


    hace 8 días

    Con Windy Plugins puedes desarrollar todas las funciones, te estás perdiendo mucho de Windy. Sigue siendo la versión "solo para desarrolladores" y esperamos su opinión y comentarios ahora.

    Si conoces los conceptos básicos de Javascript, dominarás Windy Plugins en muy poco tiempo.

    Como nos vimos obligados a eliminar ecmwf de API4, Windy Plugins es la única forma de combinar sus datos con el pronóstico profesional y la interfaz de usuario.

    Estamos totalmente comprometidos a desarrollar complementos como el principal ecosistema de Windy, brindar soporte a los desarrolladores y propagar los complementos más útiles a nuestra base de usuarios activos de más de 3 millones.

    Dentro de su complemento podrá obtener datos meteorológicos sin procesar (incluso de ecmwfmodel) siempre que todo suceda en el alcance del complemento.

    La hoja de ruta para nuestro ecosistema de plugins es:

    • Pruebas iniciales

    • Extender Windy API en base a las solicitudes de los usuarios

    • Crea la galería de los complementos más útiles.

    • Crear un sistema para que cualquiera pueda publicar su propio modelo de pronóstico / climatológico en Windy

    Echa un vistazo a para ver todos los documentos y ejemplos

  • Me gusta la aplicación. La consulto mucho. Tandil. Argentina. Agregaría informacion para las aplicaciones de pesticidad agropecuarios.

  • Hi Ivo,
    plugins are a great idea, but reading the docs I still have some doubts.
    At time of writing the only way I see to load a plugin on windy is by the dev page ( ).
    Is there any another option?
    When the Enterprise project, as written in git repository will be ready?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello,
    Thank slost.

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    @kappu72 For next few weeks/months we will see how people are developing plugins, what they want and how their plugins work.

    As we will see few good plugins for Windy we will continue to develop plugin system as such. To document API more, give you more examples, plugin gallery for users.

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  • thanks very much!

  • Hello. I'm using Windy for wind farms monitoring. If there is any addon to this option, I'll be glad.

  • @almeidalex I'm too it is cool

  • Thanks for your support

  • It's good app for traveling also.. Good job windy

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