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  • Thanks for your reply.

    But, really!!?? Little demand? I guess that those who actually interpret the model correctly need the 3D to understand how everything works.

    Really sad about it.

    I hope there is a chance we can enjoy the 3D mode again in the future.


  • I remember a couple of years ago, after one of the updates, it was removed as well. Then someone decided to set it back.

  • @peter-llanes : I agree. Seems counter productive, that Windy is presenting weather in a visually fantastic way(s), so that we can see on a larger relative scale the different facets that go into making our local weather, and yet leave out the truly global view of the 3D option. Just looking North and South of my own continent a flat map (Mercator map projection) can easily be distorted it by three times the size. World wide it can distort things (water and land) around fourteen times the size. This can easily be seen on a website called, thetruesizeof.com, where you can drag the actual size of one continent over the other. I feel if you don't have things in there proper size and shape that, like you Peter, it is difficult if not impossible to interpret the weather correctly.

  • @peter-llanes I don't recall a 3D mode. I must have missed THAT one; it may have been around for a brief time. 3D mode should be a feature they can develop. Why not develop the feature such that it would work with radar, which would be good for knowing the height of thunderstorms, like these TV radars do. Also I would like to see the lightning integrated in a future 3D mode. I would imagine there would be a LOT of demand for such a 3D mode. If TV radars can do it, so could Windy.

  • @theradarguy
    Windy is characterized by its intuitiveness. It is certainly promising to reduce the cognitive burden. This is the case with 3D simulation. The less likely users are because we have not noticed it.

  • I also miss the 3D mode. The northern wind systems are much too powerful in the normal view. In my opinion, the 3D view should be set as standard, then it will be used. ;-)

  • I agree. If the 3D were prominently placed in the layers, it would be noticed, and if people like the graphics then it WILL get used.

  • The 3D mode was great to check the position of the jet-stream and how it moved southward, meandered, etc. Then you could check the surface pressure, temperatures at different altitudes, in a real scale, and realised how everything married together. It was a really useful to understand the whole thing as an integrated system.
    Still miss it ;(

  • @peter-llanes Your on the mark again with 3D. I've notice that our weather begins at the poles and ripples toward the equator. Depending on the wind-streams from the poles different wind patterns form, over the large oceans and large landmasses, e.g. in the form of either large systems to numerous like hurricane swirls. One can see 'the types' uniformly occur, e.g. in the Pacific and the Atlantic at roughly the SAME time (though distorted by other adjacent land and water influences). Having the 3D helps understand how the weather patterns (wind; jet-streams) are affected by 'undistorted' oceanic and continental factors (and the poles) in real-time and forecasting. Not having 3D withstanding, I think Windy is doing a great job at allowing us to have better and safer lives. Thank you, Windy Developers.

  • I have used the 3D mode for teaching purposes in class on atmospheric science. If it's really gone, that's a shame. I agree that your site is still amazing, but no longer suitable for my teaching.

  • Please give us back the 3D mode... :-)
    (The rationales for this have already been stated from other users)
    Pleeeease... ! :o)

  • Administrator

  • Perhaps those of us who loved the 3D mode were too silent about it! I would also love to see its return :)

  • I loved 3D mode. Huge feature to lose. Sorry to hear it.

  • @rkeeling For a site so innovative, seems like removing 3D was/is the antithesis of that approach. Instead of removing it, they should have included the Tesla Roadster and a zoom out to show solar winds...

  • Is there any other alternative elsewhere to check weather forecasts using a 3D mode viewer? It seems Windy has not interest at all to listen any of our concerns and reasons.

  • Sailor

  • @idefix37
    Thanks mate!!!!! cheers

  • @rkeeling

    Please check this out. Given by Idefix37. You please thank her/him


  • Sailor

    This web app who has inspired Windy at beginning has a very rough UI compared to that friendly of Windy. It has not really evolved since it was shown to me in 2015 while sailing in the Scilly.
    Now it includes the probability of polar aurora, and for those interested by this subject, the tropospheric and stratospheric polar vortex can be shown.
    To learn more about the content of this app click on « Earth », then on « About ». This app is based on GFS data.

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