• Hi Windy.com Community! I am new here and I am just trying to understand the "fog" detection....... I thought when it shows "14.7 sm" under visibility that it means you can see for 14.7 miles clearly. But when I used the "fog' layer and zoomed down to the exact same area that was supposed to be'"foggy" it still showed '14.7sm"......so I am confused as to what I guess the 14.7 numbers actually mean? Any responses are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. ResaCNW

  • Moderator

    @ResaCNW The models for the fog forecast and visibility are two different models, so the outputs are different. So that's why when it shows it's foggy the visibility shows it's not foggy.

  • Ok. Thank you...that defiinitely makes sense...I appreciate your answer.

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