Standard keyboard shortcuts for UI zoom in/out do not work

  • Normally on any web page, Ctrl - zooms the UI out, Ctrl = zooms in and Ctrl 0 resets the zoom to 100%.

    On Windy, the last one still works, but the first two zoom the map the same way that pressing - or = without Ctrl does, rather than zooming the whole UI. You need to use the zoom buttons on the browser hamburger menu to zoom the whole UI to get larger fonts/buttons.

    The event handlers for the - and = key presses should only trap events where Ctrl is not pressed, and allow the rest to pass through to the default handler.

  • Moderator

    @rbbot Everything works fine on my PC, is your browser fully up to date? Also, since then Windy has had a minor UI change so you might want to check again.

  • Paraglider

    For me also.
    In Crome + and - zoom the map and CTRL + / - also (not the UI
    In Firefox 63.0.1 there ist no reaction to + and - and CTRL + /- zooms the UI...

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