Windy is experimenting with CAP Alerts (weather warnings)

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    Windy started to display the so called CAP Alerts as a new layer "Weather warnings".

    Unfortunately the quality of data we are able to get is very bad, very bad... so we do not propagate this feature yet.


    A lot of backend work was done by @kekert, a long time Windy friend and now our team member.

    All your suggestions will be considered in this thread, or you can use the already running discussion:


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    I really like this feature. I guess the only complaint I would have is that it doesn't update the alerts very frequently. (As shown by the screenshot I took just now) But other than that I love it. I understand this feature is still new so I know there is still lots of room for improvement. Just thought you should be aware.

    0_1541532989273_Screenshot_2018-11-06 Windy as forecasted.png

  • That's...
    A dream come true for me!
    At least it's actually accurate, but there are a few non-accurate stuff. For like, Today in Hungary (for example), it shows the wrong region where the warning should be (should've been the Northern Great Plain instead of Central Hungary).
    (I don't live in Hungary btw, I was just saying an example).
    For real though, thank you so much for making this dream I had come true! :D

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