Importing Own CSV File

  • Hi,

    I am currently trying to load a csv file from my own computer following tutorial 8.
    I have downloaded 'a.csv' from and it put it in the same folder where 'plugin.html' is located. The webpage loads fine, but when I click on the right sidebar to load the data, nothing shows up.
    Any help is appreciated. I have added a picture of my code. 0_1541460413833_Untitled.png

  • Administrator

    Check CORS on MDN. File must be hosted on some https:// server

  • I moved the csv to Google Drive and set the sharing settings to "accessible with link" but when I tried and load it gives me an error saying that the file must be retrieved full What is the way around this?

    I have attached a screenshot.


  • Administrator

    @ac5a The server must set CORS headers. It evidently does not.

  • @ivo Is there a way that I can set the CORS headers to accept the google drive link? If not, what are my other options on how to upload my own csv? Thanks

  • @ivo I was able to resolve this issue and upload my own files. Thank you

    For future readers, you must upload your files to a server where you have the ability to set CORS headers. You cannot simply upload it to a dropbox or google drive where you do not have this control.

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