• Hello,
    I am a new user of windy, and I do like it.
    Yesterday I had a spot on the map, I could move the map around this spot, and get accurate data or forecasts on this spot. I could add this spot as a favorite.
    Today, I don't have this spot anymore, and I am unable to retrieve it.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Hello @sierra03 , did you log-in before saving your favorite spot? What is your device, OS and browser / app version?

  • @marienka
    Hello Marie(nka...),
    I understood that a long click on the map resulted in the spot coming on the map.
    Thanks anyway.

  • Hi @sierra03 , I'm not sure what the problem or question is.

    • Displaying the forecast detail via the Picker (you pick a spot on the map) is one thing.
    • Saving your favorite place in your Favorites is another thing.

    –> What exactly doesn't work for you?

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