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    Currently a bit of concern on the weather.

    Currently Cyclone Alcide is currently A Dangerous Category 4 Cyclone near the Madagascar Coast but Expected to weaken into a Tropical Depression once it nears Madagascar but that's the current track.

    The Arctic Blast is moving south east into area's like Tennessee,Alabama,Georgia,Kansas and Oklahoma giving cold weather for the south us and Giving already snow to Colorado.this means Winter is Coming.

    In Greece there has been a ton of rain falling in the area.

    Overnight there is expected to be rain for the south US and will bring a thunderstorm event to Texas,Louisiana,Alabama,Mississippi And Florida and Maybe Georgia.

    This Is All my report for the day.


  • Moderator

    @nicolas-a said in The Day in Weather:

    In Greece there has been a ton of rain falling in the area.

    By "Greece", do you mean the country?
    Or there is a city in USA named "Greece"?
    I live in Greece (Europe) and last night's rain was (below) normal for November.

  • Storm chaser

    yes the country but the time I posted that the entire country was in rain that was strong

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