The wrong name "Tam Sa"

  • I think you have a big mistake when you wrote Tam Sa in South China Sea. It's not right because it belongs to Viet Nam. VietNam has all proof to prove its. And the right name is Hoang Sa.

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    Dear @ductit4620 end everyone,

    We are aware of the fact that some places in the world have unsolved land issues. As a small company, it is not in our power to show different maps to different audiences (from their political point of view). Windy is not a battlefield; our main focus is on delivering a quality weather forecasting product. :)

    We are adopting base maps from the Open Street Map community. If you really care about these map issues and want to do something for your country, I kindly suggest you become a contributor to If you manage to change the map there (and/or suggest a label translation to other languages), not only will you influence Windy, but also many other services around the world.

    For better understanding, please check this post:

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    I'm a contributor on, and I looked after that you wrote here.
    In the this is correct as its name is "Hoang Sa", if it is that what you are talking about.
    But I can see on Windy it's not correct, but it shows "Sansha", not "Tam Sa" that you wrote here. So maybe it is a map problem on Windy.. or I don't know why there is a difference.

    I made screenshots about it on Windy, and on OpenStreetMap too:

    0_1541697751545_Képernyőfotó 2018-11-08 - 18.12.02.png

    0_1541697766687_Képernyőfotó 2018-11-08 - 18.16.24.png

    Is it the same that you were talking about?

  • Sansa is another name of Tam Sa and it belongs to Vietnam with the name "Hoang Sa". Please change it to Hoang Sa or another international name, not TamSa or Sansa

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    It is because the label that we display on Windy was deleted from the OpenStreetMap database just yesterday (see the screenshot below).

    When we next generate labes to Windy (we can not guarantee when it will be), the change will take effect, unless some other OSM contributor makes a contradictory editing in the meantime.

    Also please note: For every language, a different label can be displayed. For example, in Vietnamese we show "Tam Sa", while in English it's "Sansha" – just according to the translation available on OSM.

    We hope this explanation has brought more light into the "wrong maps" issue. :)


  • Chào bạn ...mình không biết tiếng anh... Nhưng mình yêu nước Hoàng Sa là của Việt Nam ...hy vọng bạn và nhiều người Việt Nam khác 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳có sử dụng app này tẩy chay cái gọi là là tam sa ...yêu cầu windy phải sửa lại là Hoàng Sa...

  • @chinhlevn Hoàng Sa Trường Sa là của Việt Nam 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

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    Thank you!
    It's clear for me now.

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