Can't view the forecast bottom bar after clicking a point on the map using the api v4

  • Hello, on v3 I was able to use the forecast feature when I opened a point on the map (the little yellow bottom with a bottom arrow icon).
    Just wanted to know, if I upgrade to the paid version, can I have access to this feature?, if yes, then to fill the form for the paid version.

    I've seen some other questions related to this but none had been answered, so I would like if you can help me clarify this feature, since I couldn't find anything related to that on the docs.

    I'll attach the feature I'm referring to:

    0_1541705826246_Captura de pantalla 2018-11-08 a la(s) 13.36.33.png

    0_1541705838680_Captura de pantalla 2018-11-08 a la(s) 13.36.40.png


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