• Hello, I have this suggestion because I always liked it. When we change the time (for example Europe at night) we can see most of the Continent at its peak of minimum temperature or viceversa, I'd like to see the whole world at it's peak of Maxinum and Minimun Temperature for the next 10 days forecast. It's similar to Windy Accumulation feature but the Temperature instead of Wind Gusts.

    Thank you

  • Yes, that would be really good and epic to be honest.
    I like the idea too.

  • Moderator

    The "wind accumulation" feature, is a usefull tool for hurricane tracking.
    What is the usefullness of your proposal for "max or min temperature accumulation"?
    It will show us the max. temp. for the next 10 days,
    but with no indication if this temp. will be reached tomorrow or in 9 days!

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