Please help to find my ducks

  • Dear Forum Members,
    Dear Friends,

    Please help us. We were at Lagoon Reef (Tiran Islands) and scuba dived there. We have two rubber ducks (yellow, white with dots) which came with us everywhere in the world since 2008. (Instagram: hungariantravellingduck)

    On 12.11.2018 after the jump into the water, they lost. Our pockets haven't been closed enough and they have drifted away.
    It was the coordinates of our boat: 27.992369, 34.484828
    The jump time was at 12:00 PM.

    Please help to find them. They are very important to us.

    I try to help to the boats by giving them more informations but I can not "read" from the wind and the currents so I can not locate where should they swimm in the Red Sea area. (And of course the NASA isn't answered to my call for help... yet. :) )
    If I could constrict the area where they would be, it would be bigger chance to find them.
    Please, if you have experience in the localization, help us. We started a campaign and wrote the bigger boat rental companies and scuba diving clubs whose are opened for this case.

    If we can localize them and if you have chance please send this message to the daily snorkeling boats, diving boats, safari boats, friends who has ship or boat, diver who dive a lot in this area, people who stay longer time around the sea, stay longer time around the beaches and please try to help us.

    If someone find them, send us a message with the duck pictures and if they are on the pictures, we will pay 100 EUR/duck for the person who find it. We will find a way to send them to the place where our friends can take over or we can travel to them .

    We know we should have big luck, but we have big hope on you. We hope the power of the community and that, they can help to find them on this big blue sea. Please help us. Please.

    KakaoTalk: KissAndrea
    Facebook: *removed by moderator *
    Instagram: *removed by moderator *

    It is not a joke. It is so important to us.

    Please help us. Please!

    Thank you so much, Andrea Kiss from Hungary

  • Storm chaser

    im sorry but I dont think we can go travel to Hungary just for ducks. Try to call the police to help. Sorry but I dont think anybody wants to travel to hungary for ducks.

  • Storm chaser

    also nice try troll.

    Ruber ducks? Just buy new ones.

  • I am not a troll. I think you don't read my letter carefully.
    I just would like to get a little help to localize where they are.
    I don't want anybody to travel to Hungary because of this case. Where I write this in my letter?

    I thought I can get a little help from people who has experience with localization. I think this person is not you. So if you can not help with constructive answer, please do not spend your time with meaningless comments.

    Thanks, Andrea Kiss

  • Moderator

    I don't think that the windy forum is the right place for rubber ducks.. And I really feel that this could be a promotion for your FB and Insta so I removed this links.

    A email address should be enough for contacting you

  • @tomber42 I think you all misunderstand me. Nor the rubber duck "thing", nor the "promotion" is the issue in my message. But I think I was naive, I hoped in a helpful answer.

  • Moderator

    what is the size of those rubber ducks you lost into the sea?

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