No wind animation since about July or August

  • Hi all:
    I've been using this website since about 2015, and its been a great find. I've learned so much about meteorology by using this site. And introduced it to my father back in Newfoundland, as well. I was a fisherman growing up there so well-attached to the ocean and knowledge of weather patterns was very important to us, literally a matter of life-or-death out in the Atlantic. Well, I haven't been able to get the animation working in months. And I've found no help anywhere online as to what happened. It seems something had changed in the programming. And I can't get the animation back. I am running Win 7 Enterprise on an HP Pavilion DV6 manufactured around 2009.

    Any idea what changed in the programming so the animations don't work for me? Also, is there an older version of the site available anywhere (or could there be) that ran properly prior to this change? My other alternative is to abandon the site altogether, which I am reluctant to do, since I like the thought of this being a grass-roots operation and its what I like to think I would have come up with had I been a programmer, loving knowledge about the weather as much as I do - much respect to Ivo. :) Please help me out, someone, with an idea of what might have changed and what I can do to fix it. Maybe there's an add-on that has known issues? Or maybe someone could post an older version of the site once again. I am using Palemoon browser and the site worked originally when I started using this program about a year ago. Thanks again for any advice. It would surely be welcome. All the best!.

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    @privateer2001 The wind animation should still be working. It must be just on your device. Can you confirm that the particle animation toggle is on?

    0_1542476147741_Screenshot_2018-11-17 Windy as forecasted.png

    Also, what browser and operating system are you using to access Windy? Are they fully up to date?

    Finally, you might want to check if your graphics driver is up to date as well.

  • Don't know if it will help you, but I had the same problem. I am running Chrome as my browser. Unrelatedly, I noticed that 'Hardware Acceleration' had mysteriously gotten toggled ON in my Chrome Browser settings. When I turned it off, the particle animation magically re appeared.

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