City names displayed incorrect

  • I tested the website on multiple browsers and even more PC. You have some errors regarding the locality`s names. When i zoom in, the names displayed correctly. Its about Romania map. Maybe some translate issues ? Attached you can find a screenshot with the problematic names and a zoomed one on the same location.1_1542625357574_Zoomed in.JPG 0_1542625357573_Error_Chrome.JPG

  • Administrator

    Hi @Andrei86,

    thank you for reporting. We took a look at that and it seems there is no error. It can be confusing because names are different in a map with higher zoom. We use OSM database for generating windy map and also labels, but a map, which is displayed in higher zoom, is generated a different way.

    There are two possibilities which may cause these inconsistencies:

    • romanian names have been added into OSM database after we generated labels,
    • or romanian names are still missing in OSM database.

    Feel free to fix it:

    We are going to generate labels and map in next weeks, so you can help us to fix it in the next version :-) Thank you!

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