Snow forecast (using sounding forecast)

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    ECMWF's forecast for Thursday morning
    for an area (yellow dashed line) in Northern Greece
    shows rain (not snow).


    "Snow depth" map shows: "no snow"
    and "precipitation type" map shows the precipitation will be in the form of rain.


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    ... now, let use the "sounding forecast" tool for this area ...


    ... as we can see, at the height of 1144m, the temperature is 0 C.
    So, we assume, that we must expect the precipitation must be in the form of SNOW.

    If we take into account that snows even in temperatures of +2 C (but melts in a while)
    we must expect snow in areas above 900m.

    Conclusion: by using soundings we can have more precise forecast, especialy for "borderline" conditions (rain - snow).

    Now, I'll wait till Thursday to see if will snow in the hills and mountains
    of the above mentioned area (near Thessaloniki, Greece) :-)

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