Not quite sure if this is a bug, or an issue on my end ...

  • Every time I click on the "Radar, Lightning" tab on, a box drops down and says, "The website '' would like to save your current location" - whenever I click for it to NOT save my location, my computer (iMac, Mojave 10.14.1) crashes. I get a black screen, with a message saying some problem was detected, and the computer needs to restart. EVERY time. What a pain in the neck!!

    Never had this problem over the past year - it just started out-of-the-blue a couple weeks back.

    If anyone has any info on how to resolve this, I'm all ears. Thanks.

  • Administrator

    Hi @Smithsonite , thanks for your report and sorry to hear it! Please can you provide info about your browser? We will investigate it. Thank you!

  • Safari 12.0.1


  • Just to add some detail to my first post - this is happening whether I check the box to allow, or not allow Windy to save my location.

  • Administrator

    @Smithsonite Thanks for your answers. Now I just had the same problem – it happened like twice or three times in a row, only in Safari... But then I couldn't replicate it again, now it does not happen. Really weird.

    We will keep an eye on this issue and see if there is anything wrong on our side. In the meantime, please use a different browser. Sorry about that!

  • Thanks for the info, Marie - I appreciate it.


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