UNSOLVED Widget m/s showing k/t

  • I use metric system.
    I have chosen m/s for windspeed in the all- and that works fine.
    But- in the Widget id doesn’t.
    Now for instance it says 10 kt, as I reckon meand 13 km/hour.

    Is it a bug or is there any chance of you also adding that choice of m/s in the Widget as well?

    In Sweden, well all of Scandinavia, when it comes to wind speed unit we usually use meter per second: m/s. Take a look at the Swedish weather institute SMHI (www.smhi.se), the Danish DMI (www.dmi.dk) and the Norwegean Meteorologisk institut (www.met.no)

    My other weather apps: WeatherPro, Weather Live, Weather & Radar (german app) shows m/s in their Widget.

    I really like your app,

  • Sailor Moderator

    The solution is may be here :


    Change the units in the website, on the wind colour scale. Then the modification is automatically applied to the phone app and widget.

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