Wind arrows on land

  • Hi is there a way to have wind arrows on land when the swell layer is active? Ty.

  • Hi @wind-surf , with the 'Swell' layer selected, you can either use the 'Reported wind' feature (one of the POIs, it represents the currently measured wind, not forecasts) OR use our recently added special 'Wind' (forecast) display!

    As you can see on the screenshot, you can even have all 3 at once:

    • Swell layer
    • Reported wind POI (currently measured values from weather stations)
    • Wind forecast detail (forecast for e.g. next Friday afternoon) – just please note, in case of this combination with 'Swell' layer, you first need to pick a location at sea, to be able to open the picker and get the forecast detail with the 'Wind' option; then you can click anywhere on the map including the mainland.

    0_1543839544276_2018-12-03_Swell-and-Wind copy.png

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