Inserting coordinates

  • Find location by its coordinates](/topic/80/find-location-by-its-coordinates)
    How to insert into coordinates which are presented in the following form: 14° 37.16 N, 044° 47.50 W

  • Administrator

    Hi @grabmir,

    unfortunately this format is not supported. Windy supports only:

    • DMS format (e.g 36°59'21.2"N 84°13'53.3"W)
    • DMM format (e.g 36 59.35333, -84 13.888333)
    • DD format (e.g 36.989213,-84.231474)

    But thank you for your suggestion, we will think about extending coordinates detection.

  • For the DMS format, how do I enter the "degrees" symbol? I don't see it available on my iPhone Xs keyboard.

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