Why there are no waves in the Mediterranean Sea???

  • Why there are no waves in the Mediterranean Sea???

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    American wavewatch 3 model does not cover Med Sea.
    European ECMWF WAM model covers Med. Sea (also Black Sea, Caspian Sea)
    and has a better resolution (13 km vs 22 km)

    Also https://community.windy.com/topic/3848/sea-condition-in-mediterranean

  • But, with the payment key that we have available, it does not allow us to select the model ECMWF WAM13Km. Is it possible to select the model ECMWF WAM13Km from Windy Api?

  • Hello @Localizatodo , at first we didn't really know that you were talking about API (I have just moved your topic into this API section). Unfortunately, the truth is:

    "We are not allowed to provide ECMWF data to third parties, and therefore we cannot provide layers based on this data model (thunder, deg0, cloudtop, cbase, visibility, swell3, snowcover, ozone, sst and cape). We also cannot provide you with the radar layer. Everything else is included in the paid version and this Change Windy parameters tutorial will show you how to access all allowed layers (even if they are not displayed in the right menu)." – See https://api4.windy.com

    I'm afraid this paragraph should also include the Waves, Wind waves and Swell (1+2+3) in the Mediterranean Sea as well as other water areas that are not covered by the 'Wavewatch 3' model. We're very sorry about that!

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