Dragging the map regularly causes unwanted popup-forecasts

  • I finally got irritated enough by this interface behavior-glitch to report it as a bug.

    The nature of it is that when you left-click on the map in order to quickly drag the view to a new location, if there was a place-name sitting under your mouse when you left-clicked the map to drag it, once you let go of the map Windy immediately pops-up an unwanted forecast for that place name.

    This interface behavior is easily the most annoying working-glitch within the Windy interface which I encounter, the popup regularly interrupts what I'm doing. Not once have I wanted a forecast-popup while dragging the map's viewed area.

    We should only get a forecast-popup from an accidentally selected place name if we haven't dragged the map before letting the left-mouse button go.

    If we drag the map before we let go of the left-button we shouldn't getting one of these unwanted forecast-popups due to an unintentionally and unknowingly selected place name.

    Please fix this popup-forecast display logic glitch.

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