historical data

  • why dont you add historical data to your map? it will be useful for researchers, and observers.

  • @mushide Look better it's there

  • @ivo Hai Ivo, I've knew about windyty.com and joined this forum. If you may, I've questions. Do you have any tutorials to use this web? Cause I use this by my browser in my laptop.
    I've clicked Historical Data in Tools, then I clicked the Date that I need. Then Winds Data came out and showed the animations. It always Winds Data. If I clicked Sea temperature (SST) after the Date of Historical Data, It just showed the actual date and the average SST (monthly). How can I get another historical data besides winds data? cause I really need its another data. If you may, please answer my questions ASAP. I need this data for my minithesis.
    Thats it. Please concern to this. I'll appreciate any helps you'll give and Thank you.

    Best regards,

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