Wind arrows direction

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    Makes us, formally speaking, polar opposites ha

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    You could just look up the Doppler.

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    You do understand the pennants go to windward, right? The little circle isn't the head of an arrow or something like that.

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    Yes, exactly, you must imagine an arrowhead in the circle. The old drawings of windbarbs were showing an arrowhead, as this first french isobaric map from 1863.


    Then a circle has been used together with the arrowhead, as this American map from 1888.


    Finally the drawing has been simplified and the arrowhead has disappeared. But you must remember that the « windbarb » symbol is based on an arrow drawing with an arrowhead and feathers or feather barbs at the back.


    So you may consider that the arrowhead is no longer used to show the direction of wind by official weather offices according to WMO recommendations, but is still used on Windy app. For a west wind, blowing from the West, the arrowhead is oriented toward the East ! The direction of a west wind is NEVER given by an arrow pointing to the West, even if the wind bearing is 270° on the wind rose. So the way how Windy app represents the observed wind direction is correct and is not «180° out of phase » as you said.

    OK, Mate? Is it clear for you now? So you may explain to your colleagues why the way how Windy app figures wind direction at weather stations is correct.

  • @idefix37
    Well, really you're so way off, beyond help.
    I like the old charts you found on Google, nice bit of research. I think you nailed it.
    In case we end up discussing chemistry I decided to play the trump card early, because I've got this, which by its vintage has to evidence of something, right?
    alt text
    There's such a list of reasons as to how come your wrong, but on casual examination apparently right, that there not time in a productive day.
    I would say though, you got a bunch of pilots laughing our asses off.
    I was thinking to donate something useful to this outfit, but after seeing the (now shrouded) unethical conduct in 2017, and the determination to stay wrong/in-toytown, the taste seems all gone.
    The right thing to do if so obvious, but somehow invisible for some because operating in a standardised manner is some kind of anathema.
    The little arrows you're so keenly advocating for are just hokey little things someone has just made up in their head.
    It's a toy and something like this it's diagnostic.
    Now here's a question for you. Given we are at an impasse, do you need to have the last word? I'd say I've got money on it, but nobody here will bet against.

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  • @xiyakl must be trolling here.

    For interactive data rich map Windy has made good choice with wind arrows.

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    Here another explanation how to read wind barbs

  • @Tomber42 hi Tomber, on my windy app, the forecast is showing a barb about half the length of all the other barbs with a line about half the length of the 5knt line, does that mean less than 5knt
    Thank you

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    Wind symbols at lower levels (e.g. at 1000 hPa) are shown relatively smaller
    than the same symbols at higher levels.

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    .... also here, all symbols show the same wind speed (25 kts)


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