• Hi,

    I think the color gradient used isn't very clear and the scale too low (excuse for my english, i'm not english). You go from blue for low speed to blue for high speed

    For example this gradient must be better (in km/h), we see with this that high wind speed is in red and red darker for very high speed.

    text alternatif

  • You can change colors yourself:

  • Sailor Moderator

    I agree with you. This the reason why I have changed the settings for wind speed on my side. You can use the same settings just by copy and past. This colour range doesn’t show redondant colours. Here is the way how to do that:


    (Et si tu veux des infos en français, on peut échanger sur « Non English posts » ou en tchat privé)

  • Thanks to all, i doesn't seen the settings menu yet...

    Merci idefix, tu parles mieux anglais que moi :-) a+

  • Sailor Moderator

    You must make the settings change on windy.com and be logged in with your Windy account. It is not possible to do this change in the phone app.
    In the left high corner menu (3 horizontal bars), select, « Paramètres » > « Modifier les couches de couleur »


    Then you see « Select overlay Vent [wind] »
    At bottom click on [show gradient].
    It opens a small window that you can enlarge.
    Delete all codes in this window.
    Then copy the code in my post about wind settings and paste it in this window.
    Click on [import gradient].
    And finally click on « Save »
    The modification will be applied in your phone app too.
    Bon courage !

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