Alerts for snow - Not showing predicted snowfall in alert email

  • Hey There,
    I love windy and use it everyday during the winter to see where i would go riding!
    I have just setup a number of alerts which work great! except in the email it doesn't show precipitation amounts. Could this be modified to show what i'm requesting in the alert? If i could customize the alert widget that is sent to me that would be awesome!!

  • Hi @benparkes , thanks for your message. Are you sure that the particular alert does meet all conditions – not only snow but also all other aspects that you activated for that alert? The criteria operator is "AND", which means that within a single alert ALL conditions must be met so that you receive an email alert.

    See this instruction:

    If you suspect you are not receiving alerts that do meet all conditions, please send us the ID of the alert(s) via info[at] and we will check it out.

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